Short Stories and My New Novel – ‘The Triumph of the Gods’

Here’s my tale that recently snagged second place in a US competition:

My new novel – ‘The Triumph of the Gods’

‘The Triumph of the Gods’ is a dystopian tale set in Britain. Beginning in the final years of the twentieth century and narrated by Alma Fernando, the novel is a coming-of-age story set against a violent upheaval in the United Kingdom, instigated by a group called The Polytheists. The novel charts Alma’s journey into adulthood and her increasing involvement in the struggle against the country’s viciously oppressive – and anti-religious – rulers.

I am submitting queries about the novel to literary agents.

My novel ‘Tales of Freedom’ is available as an eBook or paperback via Amazon: Book blogger, writer and editor Deborah Kalb conducted an interview with me about the book and my work:

I can be reached via Twitter: @paulbcohen1 or email:


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