Short Stories and My New Novel – ‘The Pols’

‘The Pols’ is a modern, dystopian novel set in Britain. Beginning in the final years of the twentieth century and narrated by Alma Fernando, ‘The Pols’ is a coming-of-age story set against a violent upheaval in the United Kingdom instigated by a group called The Polytheists. The novel charts Alma’s journey into adulthood and her increasing involvement in the struggle against the country’s viciously oppressive – and anti-religious – rulers.

I am currently starting to submit queries about the novel to literary agents.

‘Interruption’ was the joint winner of the 2019 Second Annual Writer’s Atelier Short Story contest and has been published as an eBook. Here’s a link to obtain a copy:

And still delighted to say that my novel ‘Tales of Freedom’ is now available as an eBook or paperback via Amazon: Book blogger, writer and editor Deborah Kalb conducted an interview with me about the book and my work:

I can be reached via Twitter: @paulbcohen1 or email:


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