Links to Stories and Articles

April 2018 update: ‘Tea and Biscuits’ will appear in a short story anthology to be published by Blackthorn Press, and is eligible for a prize in the @RyedaleBookFest. More details to follow.

And my story ‘See You in the Future’ will appear in the ‘Tomorrow’ issue, courtesy of ‘Here Comes Everyone’. Again, details to follow.

‘Involuntary Donation’ – Avis, published by Manchester Metropolitan University

‘The Rabbi and the Orchard’ – Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle:

‘On Being Rejected in Less Than Five Minutes’ – Submittable:

‘Man on a Wire’ – Pure Slush:

‘Outsiders’ – Poetica:

‘The Projectionist’ – Prole, Volume 18:

‘From The Train’ – Gold Dust:, and go to page 21

‘Safe in Parks’ – Spelk:

‘Lecha Dodi’ – Moment:

‘Family Man’ – Conclave, Volume 8 (available via Amazon!)

‘The Fall of Nineveh’ – Poetica:


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