Links to Stories and Articles

December 2018: My story ‘Trust’ has appeared on the UK Fairlight Books’ website. Many thanks to them for choosing my tale. Here’s the link to read the story:

September 2018: Went up to the lovely North Yorkshire town of Malton for the Ryedale Book Festival. One of 10 finalists for the Short Story Competition, I landed third place and picked up copies of the short story anthology published by Blackthorn Press. Copies can be purchased via Amazon:

August 2018: my meditation on Ernest Hemingway’s aphorism about writing ‘one true sentence’ was published by Writer’s Atelier. Here’s the link:

July 2018: ‘See You in the Future’ is now available in the ‘Tomorrow’ issue, published by ‘Here Comes Everyone’. Here’s a link to buy a copy:

April 2018 update: ‘Tea and Biscuits’ will appear in a short story anthology to be published by Blackthorn Press, and is eligible for a prize in the @RyedaleBookFest, with the prize ceremony to be held in Malton, North Yorkshire on September 22nd.

And my story ‘See You in the Future’ will appear in the ‘Tomorrow’ issue, courtesy of ‘Here Comes Everyone’. Again, details to follow.

Other Published Stories:

‘Involuntary Donation’ appeared in the journal Avis, published by Manchester Metropolitan University

‘The Rabbi and the Orchard’ – Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle:

‘On Being Rejected in Less Than Five Minutes’ – Submittable:

‘Man on a Wire’ – Pure Slush:

‘Outsiders’ and ‘The Fall of Nineveh – Poetica

‘The Projectionist’- Prole, Volume 18:

‘From The Train’ – Gold Dust:, and go to page 21

‘Safe in Parks’ – Spelk:

‘Lecha Dodi’ – Moment:

‘Family Man’ – Conclave, Volume 8 (available via Amazon!)

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